Success Stories

“This coaching has been the single most important factor in changing my results.”

-A prosecutor in Washington D.C.


“I still use these techniques years after I learned them.”

The Attorney General of a Western state


“Your presentation was just, so great! I recently used your technique of standing and looking at the room to gain their attention through silence – unsurprisingly, it worked! Sheer genius, you!”

Atty. Jennifer Keaton of Elarbee Thompson following a workshop for the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers


“This work is a great way to keep trial techniques skills current and allow us a chance to practice and develop those skills. The class was great for providing a safe environment in which to practice speaking in front of people.”

An associate at a large firm in Atlanta


“Firstly, I wanted to let you know how much and how often I’m relying on the skills I learned in your class. In the short time I have been in practice, those skills have proven indispensable. And they have won me no small amount of praise from my superiors.”

Brandon A. Bullard, Esq. Assistant Public Defender, Macon Judicial Circuit


“The greatest thing I learned from this class was a real understanding of how I appear in court and how to change it. But most importantly, I have learned to have more confidence in myself.”

J. Walker, attorney