Vocal Warm-Ups

1. Without moving the jaw excessively (wand creating tension in the throat), move the face around as rapidly as possible, until the muscles feel warm.

2. Rock the tongue back and forth rapidly to make a “tookah” sound.  Also, try “paducah” and “topeka.”

3. Hard consonants:

  • Guddah, guddah, guddah, guddah, 2 times.
  • Duggah, duggah, duggah, duggah, 2 times.
  • Guddidah, guddidah, guddidah, guddidah, 2 times
  • Duggidah, duggidah, duggidah, duggidah, 2 times.
  • Guddidah, duggidah, guddidah, duggidah, 2 times.

4. Count from first to thirtieth and from firsts to thirtieths.

5. Do each set rapidly three times, avoiding chewing and jawing the consonants:

  • can’t you won’t you don’t you
  • did you would you could you

6. Tongue Twisters:

  • “Paper poppy”
  • “Baby bottle”
  • “Mommala poppala” “Aluminum linoleum”
  • “Lips, teeth, tip of the tongue” “Rubber baby buggy bumpers” “Red leather, yellow leather”

7. More

“Whether the weather is cold,
Or whether the weather is hot,
We’ll be together whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.”

8. “She stood upon the balcony Inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping While amicably welcoming him in.”

9. “Hay, hayyy! Hah-hahhh! Ho-hohhh!”